HEARTH Artist Community Online is a collaborative online space, far from social media, where a select group of artists can come together to learn, create, discuss, and support one another. Modeled after the camaraderie of a graduate school program but WITHOUT the drama, expense, and BS, Hearth aims to provide artists with a way to get and stay connected to their creative impulse without detracting from the normal life – jobs, kids, partners, and other responsibilities—that most of us have.

Organized into two 14-week semesters, each week will feature live studio time together, topical discussions and information presentation decided upon by the group, and opportunities for personalized feedback and analysis of your work, whether you’re a writer, a visual artist, or a maker of any type.

My promise to you:

No cookie-cutter e-courses or prerecorded webinars. Each semester, the group will discuss what we want the focus to be and how we want it to be delivered. That means you decide the content. I do the legwork to get it for you.




Hearth is INTIMATE.
Limiting the number of participants each semester makes sure we have a chance to get to know one another well and have the best chance of connecting with each other in a meaningful way.




Ongoing discussions in threads on the community website, live events, and regularly-scheduled open studios will give you and your fellow artists real-time feedback and honest interaction. You’ll make new connections and lifelong friends as you explore new ways to develop and manage your artistic life.




Hearth is SAFE.
Our web community is self-contained and secure. You will never be asked to make public any work or conversations you post in the Hearth Community. You retain all rights to any artwork you post. No artwork or comments will be used for promotion or on any other platform, public or private, for any reason. All participants agree to this prior to joining Hearth.



Hearth is DYNAMIC.
As you evolve, so will Hearth. Regular check-ins ensure you’re making the kind of progress you want. Live events give you the feedback and artistic support you need. Special opportunities give you a chance to look beyond our group to show, sell, and market your artwork in new ways.




You can pick your way to pay. Try us on with a single semester enrollment, or double down and save with the two-semester bundle. Cover your costs all at once, or with a convenient payment plan.




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