Your Art Called. It Misses You.

It’s time to shake off your blues and party–specifically ART PARTY! It’s an online week of practice, play, community and practical critique for artists, writers, and makers of all kinds. The goal: to get your creative juices flowing and to help you integrate your creative practice and development into your normal-as-anything busy life.

It’s hosted in our private Facebook Group, and uses easy, straightforward tools like Zoom meetings and Facebook Live.

Art Party runs from August 20–25. Here’s some of what you can expect:

Daily speakers on topics ranging from showing in alternative spaces to legal issues for artists to how to work your social media to gain followers and sell more
Artist interviews on process and play
Conversation and connections in our private Facebook Group
Fun events like TRY IT and LIVE OPEN STUDIO
LIVE CRITIQUE SESSION on Saturday with other artists who care about helping you produce your best!

Get on the guest list by filling out the form below!

It’s not too early to sign up! PRE-PARTY STARTS AUGUST 6!