Curated Virtual Experiences

You may have heard of the virtual world Second Life, now celebrating its 14th year of existence. Did you know that more than a third of SL users are over 34, and the fastest-growing age group is over 45? This is not a virtual world full of gamer geek kids; rather it's a rich environment where you can hear live music, tour exotic locales, follow and dance to your favorite DJs, enjoy discussion groups, experience visual and performance art, engage in casual socializing, make friends and yes, even play games. But many of those who try out Second Life become frustrated trying to find the things that interest them, and/or with customizing their free avatars. Whether you're curious and just want a taste or are ready for the full enchilada, Art-in-Progress Studio can prepare a curated virtual experience that will fascinate and delight you, creating a two- or four-hour Inworld adventure tailored to your interests. You'll get to skip the massive time-sink that is trying to make your avatar look good, too! Want to know more? Email me for more details. Or check out the general information available in my shop.