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New Work Coming Soon! New digital and alternative process work, plus iPhone Camera app experiments.

Social Studies on BlogTalk Radio! Join me every other Saturday at 7:30 pm EST to discuss contemporary topics in art, life, and who knows what else. You can listen on demand here, or tune in at the website and listen live.

Need help moving into social media/digital promotions? Hire me! I'm now available to help artists and galleries create viable and smart plans for promoting themselves via digital and social media. A boatload of communications and digital media experience, with an MFA on top! What could be better?

Fun Stuff: There's a lot happening on my blog, ArtLifeNow. Most recently (and quite popular) are blog posts on my adventures with encaustic and a two-part review of iPhone camera apps. We {heart} our iPhone!

E. Marie Robertson: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

I am the proud holder of an MFA (2006), which perches precariously atop my BS in Journalism (1981). I'm a practicing artist in the areas of film and digital photography, video, video installation, sound, eco-art/earth art, social practice and that deranged catchall generally known as "new media." I've also recently begun experimenting with encaustic, particularly in combination with photography and work in oil. My works usually involve two or more of my chosen media of expression, and I often work in series or project form.

I like to blur the boundaries between art, artist, and audience (see the project calls for participation at right) and explore general themes of perception, mapping, context, disjuncture and relationships (to people, to nature, to social institutions and to power, just to name a few). Concept and theory are important to me, but I don't insist that they be important to you—my goal is to produce work that engages viewers in a way that invites them to draw their own conclusions. I want whatever "take-home message" viewers and participants find in my work to be from the depths of their psyches, rather than my own.

My studio name, Art–in–Progress, speaks to two notions, one personal and one societal. Although I stop short of Mierle Laderman Ukeles' "everything I do is art," I can say there is always art under contruction (i.e., "in progress") no matter what I'm doing, and if it's not under construction in my hands or my studio, it's under construction in my head. The second notion is the broader idea that art is an important driving social force, capable of creating change, uniting factions and elevating the human spirit. Thus art is inherent in the idea of progress, and real social progress can in fact be a form of art.

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.