ArtLifeNow: Living with Artsy Hair

I recently got my hair dyed … purple. No, it wasn’t an accident. It came with a few surprises, though. This week on ArtLifeNow: Living with Artsy Hair. Click above to check it out.

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Curated Virtual Experiences

You may have heard of the virtual world Second Life, now coming into its 13th year of existence. Did you know that more than a third of SL users are over 34, and the fastest-growing[…]

Fine Art Painting and Photography

Explore my painting and photography through my Pinterest boards. Log in to follow me or learn more about a specific work of art. Acrylic and Encaustic Painting Photography

Prettymaker Jewelry & Home Decor

If you’re looking for unique or custom-made jewelry or whimsical home decor, the Prettymaker Shop is where you want to go. Explore a variety of items awaiting purchase, or order items made on-demand. Explore my[…]

It’s Nice to Meet You

E. Marie Robertson is an artist, writer and sagacity sage/mojo magician living in Anderson, SC. Her studio, Art-in-Progress, specializes in photo, video, mixed reality and encaustic painting, and provides training, including mini-retreats and workshops, for[…]