encaustic and scanned photograph

Learn to Mix Encaustic and Photography! Sunday Nov. 8!

We are one week away from SHOOT IT UP!, my studio class focused on techniques for melding encaustic and photography! There are so many approaches that you can use, from collaging images into dynamic forms[…]

alcohol ink on encausticbord. 6" x 6". Copyright 2015 E. Marie Robertson.

An Alcohol (Ink) Addiction

I’ve been playing more with alcohol inks for fine art purposes lately. My fascination with them for decor projects, like my Prettymaker switchplate covers, is legendary, but a couple of weekends ago at the encaustic[…]

the blues (encaustic)

Mix It Up! Class Starts New Encaustic Class Series, Oct. 24!

Mix It Up! builds off your basic encaustic knowledge and gives you the opportunity to play with new tools, substrates and techniques. We’ll experiment with mixing our own medium and encaustic colors, as well as[…]


Time for an Art Break!

That may sound funny coming from me; my life is, after all, one big long art break. But that’s not true for everyone … and two of my dear friends from grad school started a[…]

The view from Art-in-Progress Studio's door. Envision yourself here, deep in the flow of creativity!

Art, Nature, Spirit: A Revitalizing Mini-Retreat, Oct. 9-11, 2015

Be inspired. Be rejuvenated. Be amazing! Join me on October 9-11, 2015 for a two-day art-making and discovery experience at beautiful Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina. This mini-retreat will enable you to focus on[…]


Up, Periscope!

I’m on Periscope. That’s right, video. Comin’ to you live. Right atcha. WTH is Periscope, you ask? It’s a live streaming video app from the nice people at Twitter. You get the free app (both[…]

cute earrings began their lives as fabric scraps

A Fun Class on Oct. 3: Upcycle That S*&!

Upcycling vacillates between being honored as a creative practice and reviled as just more tree-hugger hippie eco-crap (or now it might be edging over into hipster shabby-chic eco-crap). Well, hey, to all the haters I[…]


Pictchas. ‘Cause yo.

Pictchas. ‘Cause it’s one of the things I do. I love Jay Maizel’s thought that you don’t go out “looking” for things to photograph, you go out with your camera and the pictures come to[…]


Art. Really.

The featured image above is one of my selves that hangs out in various digital realms, primarily in Second Life. If you’re not familiar, SL is a “virtual world” that has all the delight, drama,[…]