cute earrings began their lives as fabric scraps

A Fun Class on Oct. 3: Upcycle That S*&!

Upcycling vacillates between being honored as a creative practice and reviled as just more tree-hugger hippie eco-crap (or now it might be edging over into hipster shabby-chic eco-crap). Well, hey, to all the haters I[…]

The view from Art-in-Progress Studio's door. Envision yourself here, deep in the flow of creativity!

Art, Nature, Spirit: A Revitalizing Workshop, Oct. 10-11, 2015

Be inspired. Be focused. Be amazing! Join me on October 10-11, 2015 for a two-day art-making and discovery experience at beautiful Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina. We’ll begin each morning at 9:30 am and[…]


Up, Periscope!

I’m on Periscope. That’s right, video. Comin’ to you live. Right atcha. WTH is Periscope, you ask? It’s a live streaming video app from the nice people at Twitter. You get the free app (both[…]


Pictchas. ‘Cause yo.

Pictchas. ‘Cause it’s one of the things I do. I love Jay Maizel’s thought that you don’t go out “looking” for things to photograph, you go out with your camera and the pictures come to[…]


Art. Really.

The featured image above is one of my selves that hangs out in various digital realms, primarily in Second Life. If you’re not familiar, SL is a “virtual world” that has all the delight, drama,[…]